Extra Curricular

At Honey Bunch, children from Grade 1 upwards are presented with a choice of extra curricular activities (ECA) at the beginning of the school term, and they are encouraged to choose one activity that resonates best with their interests. We have a range of co-curricular activities on offer including theatre, western dance, carnatic music, bongo, classical dance and karate. Given that all of these activities require skills that take a long time to master, we insist that students do not switch extra curricular in the middle of the year.

The school has initiated the movements like Scouts, Guides, Junior Red Cross, Road Safety Patrols & Junior NSS.

The extra curricular lesson happens once a week on Fridays/Saturdays and whilst nurturing hidden talents, it also gives students an opportunity but to work in collaboration with others.

Alongside ECA, we also have a number of clubs such as Eco Club, Literary club, Art & Craft club etc and they serve as an excellent platform for student-led activities.