Our school building was designed with an intent to make learning a joyful, empowering experience for all our students. All the classrooms, from Pre-KG up until Senior Secondary, are well-ventilated and children from across grades share the facilities of a large playing field, indoor activity room, computer lab, science laboratories and small, bright courtyard spaces. We have designated football, volleyball and basketball courts within the campus. We also have a well-stocked library with books handpicked according to children’s reading levels and ages.

Our campus is located in a serene and pollution free environment. We have CCTV surveillance in compliance with CBSE recommendations.


Honey Bunch provides transport facilities to students who wish to avail it. Our vans ply on routes that are planned at the beginning of the year. Here are some pointers to keep in mind before signing up for school transport:

– Pick up and drop off points once fixed will remain unchanged for the academic year.
– Parents (or authorised guardians) are expected to be present at the designated stop during boarding and drop off.
– Please intimate the office staff and the van in-charge teacher if the child is absent.
– Eating or drinking in the school van is not allowed
– Students are expected to follow van rules throughout the commute. This includes remaining seated, talking quietly and not resorting to any fidgety or unfavourable behaviour.