Typical Day

A typical day in kindergarten

A typical day at kindergarten begins with a 15 minute greeting and settling in time. This is followed by the school assembly. As the morning progresses, children learn and explore variety of skills ranging from numeracy to phonics to music and movement, taking a short break in between to play outdoors and eat a healthy snack. The afternoon is spent listening to read aloud stories and working on small group activities.

A typical day in primary

Primary day begins on a happy note. Following whole school assembly, the creative work brought by some of the children is shared with their peers and a few of the pieces also find a place in the classroom display. Through the school day, children equip themselves with a number of key skills needed for the core subjects, science and social studies. They are also given the time to build on physical fitness and experiment with music, art and craft.

A typical day in high/middle school

A typical day in high school is in many ways similar to a typical day in primary. However from fun and engaging lessons, children transition to application-based learning and our teachers work on planning lessons with a real world context in mind.