Greetings from Honey Bunch !

On behalf of the school management, teachers and students, I’m very happy to welcome you to the school’s website.

Teamwork is the hallmark of Honey Bunch. We believe that it is through collaborative effort that we can achieve more and mould our students to become the leaders of tomorrow. Each day, we work together to create a supportive, cooperative and positive environment that establishes a safe and caring space for teaching and learning to happen. We aim to give every student the best education possible in order to prepare them for life beyond school.

Our curriculum and practices are consistently reviewed to ensure that we are following the best practices in education, meeting all regulations necessary for the smooth functioning of the school, and constantly working to address the diverse needs of our students. Our teachers consistently work on improving their pedagogical skills, and collaborate to design learning environments that are most appropriate for our students.

School is the first point of exposure for a child to the outer world. It is important that the time a child spends in school is filled with joy, healthy competition, fearlessness, adjustment, sharing and love. At Honey Bunch, we believe that it is not the wide-open spaces, classrooms, laboratories and large fields that make the school; it is in the heart of the students and the teachers that the true institution exists.

Our school community has a long standing tradition of excellence in academics, sports and the arts. All our accolades stand testimony to the power of working as a team, and together we go forth, steadfast in our commitment to preparing students to be productive citizens and lifelong learners in an ever-changing world.